Summer 2018 Meeting – September 16. – 21. Oak Ridge National Laboratory

The 2018 HPCXXL Summer Meeting will be hosted by the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility (OLCF) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL).


The meeting will be held inside ORNL, and thus participants will be required to register with ORNL to enter the site. HPCXXL will share information about this registration process soon.


As usual, registration for the event is through Eventbrite:

In addition, registration with ORNL is required to organise access to the campus.


Monday – IBM NDA presentations on OpenPower hardware and software
Tuesday – NVIDIA and Lenovo roadmap presentations and PowerAI
Wednesday – Application development on OpenPower and IBM SpectrumScale presentation by the GPFS Users Group
Thursday –  IBM SpectrumScale presentation by the GPFS Users Group, Summit Facility Tour
Friday – HPCXXL business meeting

Draft Agenda: HPCXXL Fall 2018-Final1


The official conference hotel is the

Alternative places to stay are


Visitor information can be found on the OCLF/ORNL web page:

Visiting OCLF    or  Visit ORNL