HPCXXL is a user group for sites which have large supercomputing and storage installations. Because of the history of HPCXXL, the focus of the group is on large-scale scientific/technical computing using IBM or Lenovo hardware and software, but other vendor hardware and software is also welcome. Some of the areas we cover are: Applications, Code Development Tools, Communications, Networking, Parallel I/O, Resource Management, System Administration, and Training. We address topics across a wide range of issues that are important to sustained petascale scientific/technical computing on scaleable parallel machines. Some of the benefits of joining the group include knowledge sharing across members, NDA content availability from vendors, and access to vendor developers and support staff.

The HPCXXL user group is a self-organized and self-supporting group. Members and affiliates are expected to participate actively in the HPCXXL meetings and activities and to cover their own costs for participating. HPCXXL meetings are open only to members and affiliates of the HPCXXL. HPCXXL member institutions must have an appropriate non-disclosure agreement in place with IBM and Lenovo, since at times both vendors disclose and discuss information of a confidential nature with the group.

To join HPCXXL, a new organization needs to be sponsored by a current HPCXXL member or by the prospective member themselves. This process is straightforward and can be completed over email or in person when a representative attends their first meeting. If you are interested in learning more, please contact: board@hpcxxl.org


Current Board Officers:

President Michael Stephan FZJ
Vice President Michael Jennings LANL
Treasurer Abhinav Thota IU
Secretary Stefano Gorini CSCS